Breeders & Packers Uruguay SA

We transform meat from the best origins to supply Uruguay and the world with safe, ethical and excellent quality products.


Our expansive operation enables us to deliver bulk quantities to satisfy any demand. In addition to fresh meat, we offer portion-controlled products, premium steaks, artisanal sausages, ready-to-cook meals and more.

Sustainable Uruguayan Proteins: Premier Sourcing

At Breeders & Packers Uruguay SA, our passion is sharing the world-class taste of Uruguayan grass-fed beef and lamb. Get in touch today to source the finest quality proteins, produced sustainably to nourish the planet. Let us be your partner in premium meat.

At Breeders & Packers Uruguay SA, we are proud to export our premium beef and lamb products globally. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities!

Financial Highlights



BPU Meat Ownership Shift

The South American nation of Uruguay is home to a state-of-the-art beef processing plant situated close to the city of Durazno. This facility, operated under the name BPU Meat, recently changed ownership when Brazilian company Minerva Foods purchased it from previous owners NH Foods.

The acquisition was finalized at a total investment cost of $40 million USD to Minerva.

Global Quality Standards

With cutting-edge equipment, BPU Meat can process up to 1,200 cattle per day. By utilizing the latest industrial technologies, they are able to produce premium beef products from Uruguay. Strict quality control and sanitation procedures allow BPU Meat to meet the highest global standards, granting them access to discerning markets like Japan, South Korea, China, and the United States.

BPU Meat's Financial Performance

Financial records show that over the past two years, BPU Meat generated average annual revenues of approximately $235 million USD. Their EBITDA margin, a measure of profitability, was around 6% during this period.

Currently, international exports make up 85% of BPU Meat's sales. They focus these overseas shipments on high-end consumers with appetite and budget for exceptional quality.

BPU Meat's Global Reach